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TAP Architects builds black house atop old granite mill in Scotland

 The Larch Mill by TAP Architects

The stone base of a previous mill has actually been repurposed as a raised plinth for home in Aberdeenshire, Scotland , developed by TAP Architects.

Dug into a carefully sloping website, the granite mill structure was when surrounded by a range of farming structures.

The brand-new house –– called The Larch Mill on account of its black Siberian larch cladding –– is created to reference this history.

Its owners at first wished to include the messed up mill into the house itself, however flood danger in the location limited any brand-new structure to the greater part of the website.

To resolve this, TAP Architects utilized the old mill’s stone walls as a base.

” By eliminating the roofing of the mill we had the ability to envisage the base of the structure as a plinth for the brand-new building above, therefore treating it as part of the website topography – the developed equivalent to a rock outcrop,” stated the studio.

This stone base homes storage and a plant space with a different entryway.

An outside staircase leads up to an L-shaped location real estate the home, accessed from the greater plateau.

” We established a proposition that arranged your home into 2 parallel bays,” stated TAP Architects.

” The very first looks like a direct structure with half its length on the strong ground of the plateau and the other tasks out of the granite walls of the mill.”

In order to construct atop this stone base, a light-weight structure of steel and lumber was utilized.

The wing at the top of the slope is built on brand-new concrete structures.

Floor-to-ceiling windows at both ends frame views over the landscape.

The Larch House’s interiors are arranged around 2 furniture pieces. The very first is a ten-seat antique table that serves as a centerpiece for the living, cooking area and dining wing.

An infant grand piano beings in a music mentor area in the direct wing.

Two bed rooms, one to the south and one to the north, function east-facing windows to generate early morning sunshine.

The bedroom likewise watches out to the west.

A location of paving surrounds the whole upper level of the house, opening into a little balcony and garden area to the north.

This outdoor patio is protected from the wind by the location where your home’s wings fulfill.

Simple white interiors and skylights produce intense, open areas which concentrate on views of the environments.

The farming architecture of rural Scotland has actually motivated numerous designers dealing with comparable websites.

Mary Arnold-Forster developed a home on the Isle of Skye that has an industrial-style metal outside .

Haysom Ward Millar Architects won RIBA House of the Year with a barn-style home on the edge of a loch in the Scottish Highlands.

Photography is by David Barbour .

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Roger Ferris + Partners embeds Connecticut pool house in grassy berm

Pool House by Roger Ferris + Partners

American studio Roger Ferris + Partners has tucked a bar-shaped volume that contains a swimming pool into a grassy hill overlooking a tidal estuary in Connecticut.

Located in the village of Westport, the building is nestled into a property that faces the Long Island Sound. The owners desired a pool house that would serve as a quiet counterpart to their shingle-style house nearby.

Local practice Roger Ferris + Partners created a long bar that is tucked into a grassy berm, making it barely visible from certain vantage points. A green roof further helps the building merge with the landscape.

“Set into a subtle incline just before the land drops off to meet the beachfront, it is almost invisible as one approaches from the main entrance of the estate,” the studio said.

The front door is on the north side, where two concrete retaining walls fan outward to form an entrance. The “only hint of what lies below” is a series of skylights rising above the hill, Roger Ferris + Partners added.

A long, glass wall on the southern elevation delivers expansive views of the water and ushers in daylight. A patio is sheltered by an aluminium trellis, which casts dramatic shadows throughout the day.

The interior is divided into several zones. The eastern side has a living space with contemporary furnishings and a colourful tapestry by the British artist Grayson Perry.

A glazed partition separates this sitting area from the building’s centrepiece — a turquoise pool stretching 75 feet (28 metres) in length.

The indoor swimming area features light grey flooring and walls wrapped in pale Douglas fir. Natural illumination is supplemented by recessed ceiling lights.

On the north, which is embedded in the hill, the team placed a dressing room, a bathroom, a kitchenette and laundry facilities.

The project is complete with geothermal heating, and all mechanical elements are intended to preserve the building’s minimal aesthetic.

“Geothermal heating and cooling systems avert the need for chimneys or any other visible infrastructure,” the studio said. “All vents, tracks and mechanicals and cleverly hidden to keep the form as crisp, clean and minimal as possible.”

Roger Ferris + Partners has completed other projects in the region, including a wood-clad house in the Hamptons, a holiday dwelling in Rhode Island, and an artist’s retreat in Connecticut that resembles a red barn.

Photography is by Paúl Rivera.

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Mini Inno renovates mid-century home Villa Kuro in Joshua Tree

Villa Kuro by Mini Inno

Los Angeles studio Mini Inno added a Japanese-style tea room to a 1960s property in Joshua Tree National Park while turning it into a holiday home.

Interior design and real estate company Mini Inno transformed the ranch-style property that was built in 1966 in Southern California to create the desert hideway Villa Kuro.

The studio’s design contrasts the dark exterior of the house with pale interiors.

Throughout the design, Mini Inno said it drew on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi that sees beauty in imperfection.

Wooden, ceramic and woven details are used to create a time-worn and natural feel.

“The design concept for Villa Kuro is inspired by nature and wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy about finding beauty in imperfection and embracing it,” said the studio.

“Nothing lasts and nothing is perfect; with age you find patina and character, a sort of deep beauty that is lost in shiny new objects.”

Mini Inno added sliding glass doors to the garage to create a light-filled tea room. Two nooks are built into the walls and have windows that frame nearby boulders.

The room is decorated with a low coffee table and woven floor cushions. It can also be used for meditation.

“Converting the garage to the tea room gave a really big impact to the overall serene feeling of the home,” the studio said. “The old garage has one of the best positions in the house since it backs up against our boulder mountain and faces west to the views.”

Villa Kura spans 2000 square feet (185 square metres) and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Wood beams run along the ceilings in the open-plan kitchen and living room for a rustic aesthetic. In the kitchen, the counters have creamy, textured tops and bentwood barstools. Woven, delicate pieces overhead serve as shades for light fixtures.

“Creating a serene and unique space was one of our goals; since it is intended to be a vacation home, we want you to feel relaxed right when you walk in,” Mini Inno said.

Rounding out the home is a living room with a taupe leather chair, off-white sofa and wood console.

Several outdoor areas complete the property, including a covered patio with a dining table, a pebbled garden, a courtyard and a place with lounge chairs, a jacuzzi and an outdoor shower.

Villa Kuro perches atop a hill and has an arid 3.6-acre (1.4-hectare) landscape filled with cactus, shrubs, rocks of varying sizes and yucca palm trees.

Joshua Tree National Park is about a two-hour drive east of Los Angeles. Other homes in the area include a weathering steel cabin by Cohesion Studio, which is also available to rent, and Oller & Pejic’s black house.

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