Manifesto Market in Prague by Chybik + Kristof

A momentary cluster of corrugated metal – covered systems surround a shallow swimming pool at Manifesto Market in Prague ‘s historical Smichov district, created by designers Chybik + Kristof .

Located in a previous car park sandwiched in between the 20th-century National House of Smichov and a previous market hall, the food market is planned to renew an ignored location of the city with brand-new activity.

Chybik + Kristof developed the modular market for hospitality platform Manifesto .

Interspersed with trees and planting, Manifesto Market’s 11 systems supply areas for different dining establishments and bars, surrounded by outside furnishings created by David Karasek .

Hanging lights, made by Brno-based designers NAHAKU , are made from old prosecco kegs.

Designed to are similar to the Art Deco fittings inside the National House, they light up the market during the night suspended in between the containers and above the seating locations.

Arranged around the main swimming pool, the metal cabins sit atop a raised wood deck and develop a street-like network of areas.

” The job constructs on regional historic layers present on website however forgotten a number of generations back,” discussed the studio. “The concept was to develop a rich green area, while gaining from the intimate scale and percentages of public passages normal to Prague’s street level.”

The idea of reflection was understood through cladding the short-term structures in glossy metal panels, which show the exterior of the historic structure next door.

” The reflective exterior works as a metaphor to show present and previous, and gets warm colours from the nearby structure. The concept of reflection comes back on the ripples of water in the little swimming pool,” stated the studio.

The raised wood deck functions as a hidden service location for the marketplace, permitting increased availability and for the simple setup of extra components, such as a projector throughout summertime.

Simple openings in the metal containers develop serving locations for the dining establishments.

Minimal neon signs produced by graphic style studio FunkFu sits above the swimming pool, shown in the water.

The area was created to run completely off renewable resource sources, offered by Nano Energies , in order to reduce its effect throughout the period of its remain in the city.

Chybik + Kristof was established in 2010 and has workplaces in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

Previous tasks by the practice consist of a furnishings store totally covered in utilized black plastic chairs .

Photography is by Alex Shoots Buildings .

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