With Halloween around the corner, it’s the time of year to start thinking about outdoor fall decor. Noelle Bryant of Oh Happy Play was able to take advantage of  a few Home Depot products, and creatively design her patio to welcome her guests this holiday season.

When it comes to decorating for the Holidays I get very excited! With our new home I knew I wanted some new family-friendly outdoor Halloween decor so I headed to The Home Depot to get started! I have had a vision for this space in my head for quite some time now so I was excited to get it together. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
Family-Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decor

Last year while trick or treating, we went to a house that had THE GREATEST trio witch decoration out front. I loved it so much that I asked the homeowner where they got it from (after the kids yelled trick or treat of course haha!). I was so happy to see it at The Home Depot this year and it didn’t take me long to snatch one up for myself!

Home Depot Halloween Decor

​I was blown away by the Halloween decor section that Home Depot offers. They had so many fun creatures and yard signs. I wanted to buy them all! Best part was, the prices were incredible too! My girls really enjoyed interacting with the floor displays. It was fun to see all the options and to see what caught their eyes. We ended up needing one of Home Depot’s big carts after we got through!

Below are some of the specifics we LOVED and chose!
Our Outdoor Halloween Decor:

These Spooky Face Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins were only $29! They are the perfect bold statement for any front porch. They are also lightweight for moving and storing. I really haven’t seen anything comparable anywhere else!
You’ve Been BOO’D!

With four young kids, I didn’t want to make my yard too spooky for them. We are outside a lot and I didn’t want to scare them from going out to play. This sign is perfect because it is festive and lights up at night. It is a great size too so it fills up a great portion of space and looks great on its own!

​Indoor Halloween Entrance

I didn’t keep it too light though. This brand new to Home Depot 72 inch Witch With Raven is super spooky! The raven’s eyes light up and moves its head when the sensor detects motion. The witch also moves her mouth and to some great phrases and her eyes light up an eerie green. It took my boys a little time to get used to this but now that we have had it at our front entrance they absolutely love getting greeted by it when we walk inside.

Trick Or Treater Safety

My goal once we get closer to Halloween is to line our walkway with some fun path lights like these Black Grapevine Brooms to go with our witch theme. I think this will offer a great passage for our trick or treaters to safely find their way up to the candy! It is super important to keep this in mind and The Home Depot has some really great options for this!

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