Menorca House by Marina Senabre

Two white volumes are fronted with big openings that frame countryside views ““ like masterpieces on the wall” ” in this Menorca home created by regional designer Marina Senabre.

The house is planned to show both the architecture of the Mediterranean island and very little modern style.

Both structures are rendered and painted white. One is long rectangle-shaped structure with a flat gravel roofing, while the other is a smaller sized gabled system topped with recycled terracotta tiles.

” The home exists as a discussion in between 2 architectural pieces,” Senabre stated. “Two volumes that represent, on the one hand, the particular building and structure of the island of Menorca and, on the other, modern architecture.”

” There is no location for accessory, your house values the simpleness, idea and percentage,” she included.

Doors are formed from wood slabs to match the frames around the square windows, which are set up to catch scenes of the landscape.

” The Menorca countryside handles to go into your house through the big square openings, like masterpieces on the wall that totally connect it to the area,” the designer included.

Living areas, consisting of the lounge, dining and kitchen area are housed in the bigger volume. Inside, white walls are coupled with pale floorings, wood accents and easy home furnishings, consisting of a rustic wood coffee table and white sofa.

The kitchen area walls are covered with a series of white cabinets combined with stainless-steel home appliances. A big white island and pendant lights stick out in the centre.

” The interior of your home has actually been created to show the very same duality, it is likewise warm and minimalist, thanks to constant products that cover vertical and horizontal surface areas constantly in contact with standard aspects, such as natural woodwork,” Senabre stated.

The smaller sized structure consists of visitor quarters, an area for playing sports and a little indoor swimming pool. This shallow basin of water has a mini water fountain embellished with rocks and is positioned in front of a big window directed at a view of the landscape.

A larger swimming pool likewise runs along with the 2 structures outside. Gravel and concrete courses link the structures and likewise form a narrow patio area area.

Marina Senabre is a designer and graphic designer who established her eponymous studio in 2012 with workplaces in a number of Spanish cities consisting of Menorca and Barcelona.

Other white homes in Menorca with generous views of the landscape consist of a concrete volume fronted with big openings that deal with the sea and a vacation house formed by a series of irregularly stacked boxes.

Photography is by Julio Feroz .

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