Before the 2020 SHOT Show, I identified something called the Sling Saddle by Creed Outdoors , which I kept in mind was a “holder for rifle slings” and contributed to my list. The very first 2 times I stopped by to inspect them out, there was no one house. I made my last see to the Show flooring on Thursday early morning, and lastly overtook them.

What I discovered was a friendly person who a lot likes his items and enjoyed to show it. Heck, he and his friend were both using searching rifles on their shoulders as we talked.

The Sling Saddle is really a two-part “system” including a clip to keep the rifle sling on your shoulder and a pouch &&hook you endure your belt to hold the sling revoke your method. When the rifle is clipped in location, you can utilize your hands for other things, without your rifle slipping and moving around.

The clip is connected to a shoulder strap of a backback or hydration pack (Camelbak), so if you do not utilize those the Sling Saddle will not do you any great.

Sling Saddle at the 2020 SHOT Show.( Photo © Russ Chastain)


The hip pouch is endured your belt, so if you use © heavy external layers over your belt, that might be an issue.



But under best conditions, this setup might be magnificent useful for a hunter. I’m considering connecting a sling to my old over/under shotgun to utilize this spring, and the Sling Saddle may be available in genuine useful.

. If you want, #ppppp> The pouch can be utilized to carry additional ammunition. It utilizes a flexible strap closure, to remove the sound of velcro or snaps.

.  Customer image of a Sling Saddle pouch.( Image: Amazon client)

Customer picture of a Sling Saddle pouch.( Image: Amazon consumer)


It’s presently selling on Amazon for$ 44.95 delivered( Prime) , which ain’t inexpensive for a plastic clip and a belt pouch. Once again, if you drop your rifle it might be quite costly to fix …


You can purchase simply the shoulder clip for$ 14.95, and the complete system is readily available in a left-handed variation.

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