Illustrator's Botanical House by Intervention Architecture‘s Botanical House by Intervention ArchitectureTreatment design= Size 2364″ elevation= Elevation 1576″ srcset=” 2364w,×200.jpg 300w,×683.jpg 1024w,×274.jpg 411w,×548.jpg 822w,×822.jpg 1233w,×568.jpg 852w,×142.jpg 213w,×1136.jpg 1704w” dimensions= Dimensions (max-width: 2364px )100vw, 2364px”/ > A brief corridor quick hallway the front of the home right into home right into, new areas, spaces the indoor floor covering interior flooring covering items to chosen a deal of sensation. This use of green highlights profits right into the significant shower space, which has aquamarine ceramic floor tiles. Intervention Architecture was begun in Birmingham by Anna Parker in 2015.