Beatie Wolfe is the topic of documentary Orange Juice for the Ears: from Space Beams to Anti-Streams

To start today’s VDF cooperation with Beatie Wolfe , we’re solely streaming the online best of the singer-songwriter’s documentary Orange Juice for the Ears: from Space Beams to Anti-Streams.

The documentary, which has actually never ever been streamed online previously, will be offered complimentary to Dezeen readers throughout of Virtual Design Festival .

The movie best will be followed at 1:00 pm by an unique sneak peek of Wolfe’s upcoming ecological demonstration piece Red to Green, and an essay by Wolfe in which she checks out the power of music to enhance the human mind and reduce the suffering of individuals with dementia.

At 5:00 pm UK time Wolfe will perform a live interview with Dezeen creator Marcus Fairs , followed by a special efficiency of her music.

Wolfe “leaders brand-new formats for music”

Commissioned by the Barbican Centre in 2015, the 30-minute Orange Juice for the Ears documentary checks out the work of Wolfe , a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles.

The Barbican Centre explained Wolfe as “a singer-songwriter of raw acoustic indie funneling Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith, Wolfe likewise leaders brand-new formats for music.”

Beatie Wolfe is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles.

Directed, shot and modified by Ross Harris, the movie premiered at the Barbican Centre in London in October 2019 , followed by a market screening in Los Angeles. The movie was commissioned as part of Barbican Centre’s Life Rewired season, which checked out how artists are reacting to quick technological modification.

” With the season examining the effect of the rate and level of technological modification in our culture and society, and taking a look at how we can react and comprehend to the seismic shifts these advances will produce, there are couple of artists who exhibit this expedition as much as Beatie Wolfe,” Barbican Centre stated.

Music “can raise us out of anxiety”

The movie’s title originates from a quote by the late neurologist Oliver Sacks , who checked out the relationship in between music and the human mind.

” Music can raise us out of anxiety or move us to tears —– it is a solution, a tonic, orange juice for the ear,” Sacks composed in his book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain .

Virtual Design Festival is hosting a special stream of Wolfe’s documentary Orange Juice for the Ears.

” But for a number of my neurological clients, music is much more –– it can supply gain access to, even when no medication can, to motion, to speech, to life. For them, music is not a high-end, however a requirement.””


Born in London, Wolfe has actually originated brand-new methods of integrating music with style and innovation. She launched her launching EP, Burst, as an iPhone app in 2010, making her among the very first artists to check out the capacity of apps as a format for artists.

Pioneer of brand-new musical formats

In 2013, her launching album 8ight was launched on vinyl, in book kind and as the “world’s First 3D interactive album app”.

Her 2nd album, Montagu Square , was taped live at 34 Montagu Square in London, which was at numerous times the house of Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Raw Space was released as a set of NFC-enabled service cards

Recorded in the space where The Wind Cries Mary and Eleanor Rigby were composed, the album was accompanied by a “musical coat” developed by designer Michael Fish, who dressed rocks stars consisting of Hendrix, David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Intended as a method of regaining the lost psychological connection listeners utilized to have with vinyl album sleeves, the customized coat included near-field interaction (NFC) chips that permit tracks from the album to be played when a smart device is held up to the garment.

Album tape-recorded in “world’s quietest space”

The Montagu Square album consists of the track Take Me Home , a critical variation of which was utilized as the soundtrack for the Virtual Design Festival launch film .

Wolfe’s 2017 album Raw Space was tape-recorded in Bell Labs’ anechoic chamber, a space referred to as “the quietest space worldwide”.

The album was launched as the “world’s very first live 360 AR stream”. The album later on ended up being the very first to be transmitted into area through the Holmdel Horn Antenna.

The Raw Space album was later on provided as a set of NFC-enabled organisation cards , each of which was created by a various graphic designer.

Solo exhibit at V&A

In 2018, London’s V&A museum hosted a solo exhibit of Wolfe’s work entitled The Art of Music in the Digital Age: a series of world-first styles .

” Beatie Wolfe provides a series of album developments that check out how innovation can be utilized to regain a sense of storytelling, event and tangibility for music in the digital age,” composed the V&A about the program, held as part of London Design Festival 2018.

The documentary art work is by Kizzy Memani of ArtCenter College of Design.

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